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ANGARDE, fit for your life

« We've launched the first espadrille inspired sneaker, that can be worn either rain or shine, in the city or on the beach, for an apéro on the boat or an evening with friends »
As siblings originally from the Basque country, Astrid and Alexandre have been wearing traditionnel espadrilles since their childhood. However time after time they realized they were too raw, fragile, would get wider too quickly and were not confortable enough.
They decided to take on this challenge and spent about 2 years to design and launch a new type of shoe designed as an espadrille but built as a sneaker, comfortable and water resistant, with refined lines and an urban style, to be worn as much for a casual wear as for a more sophisticated occasion.
In June 2014 the brand ANGARDE, meaning "avant-garde" in old French, was born.

1 ANGARDE bought = 20L of drinkable water distributed

« Even before designing our first collection 3 years ago, we wanted to give a greater meaning to ANGARDE, so that the brand would not only please for the quality of its models but also for its commitment to innovate in a responsible way »

For each pair of ANGARDE bought, 20L of drinkable water are distributed to a child in a situation of distress in Africa in collaboration with the NGO "SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL".
ANGARDE thus offsets part of the water used for the production of its cotton canvas uppers.
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* The WHO and UNICEF evaluate that 20L is the minimum daily volume of water needed by a human being to sustain basic needs such as consumption, cooking, hygiene,...